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October 17 - November 7, 2006

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A Partial List of Local Events


The following is a list, updated as of Nov. 17, of local teach-ins and other similar events that we have been informed about.  Contact names and e-mail addresses are given in each case.  The events in italic type are events for which Historians Against the War has not yet received confirmation.



Binghamton University , Binghamton , N.Y. :  More than 150 people attended a teach-in Wednesday, Oct. 18, with four speakers from the History Department followed by questions and discussion.  Contact:  Tom Dublin, tdublin@binghamton.edu.  Click here for a report.


California State Polytechnic Institute, Pomona , Calif. :  Two events were held:  (1) a talk on the Iraq War by Saul Landau from the Institute for Policy Studies, Monday, Oct. 16; (2) a program featuring the parents of Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to Iraq , Tuesday, Oct. 17.  Contact:  Enrique Ochoa, ej8akaup@earthlink.net


Chicago :  Over 70 people attended an Academic Freedom forum Monday, Oct. 16 in defense of a Roosevelt U. adjunct fired for allowing open discussion of Israel-Palestine conflict; speakers included the national president of NEA.  Contact:  Joe Berry, joeberry@igc.org.  Click here for a report.


The College of New Jersey , Ewing , N.J.   Two events were held Wednesday, Oct. 18 including an evening event that drew about 60 people, with speeches by a member Iraq Veterans Against the War and by Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal, and a showing of the film Iraq for Sale.  Contact:  Alan Dawley, adawley@tcnj.edu.  Click here for a report.


Columbia University :  A teach-in was held Thursday, Oct. 26, “The Politics of War,” 7–9 pm, sponsored by the History and Anthropology departments and the Columbia Antiwar Coalition/Students for Justice in the Middle East.  About 75 attended.   Contact:  Sandhya Shukla, srs52@columbia.edu or Ellen Baker, erb26@columbia.edu


Fieldston High School, New York City:  A forum/debate: The Iraq War was held on Wednesday, October 12.


Franklin & Marshall College , Lancaster , Pa. :  About 70 people attended a spirited Election Eve faculty debate Monday, November 6, "The War in Iraq & the War on Terror," featuring Profs. Robert Bresler and Van Gosse, convened by Provost Ann Steiner.  Contact:  Van Gosse, van.gosse@fandm.edu.  Click here for a report.


Georgia State University , Atlanta :  The campus antiwar group, sponsored a talk by Georgia State political scientist Dr. Rashid Naim on “The Impact of US Foreign Policy on Power Dynamics in the Middle East,” Monday, November 1.  Contact:  Ian Fletcher, icfletcher@mindspring.com.  Click here for a report.


Grand Valley State University , Allendale , Mich. :  Students in a History of US Foreign Relations course put together a three-day teach-in for Oct. 17–19:  Day 1 examined context and how we got to Iraq (past); Day 2 examined costs of the war, including economic and civil liberties costs (present); Day 3 examined the possible legacies of the war (future).  Contact:  Dave Snyder, djsnyder1@yahoo.com.  Click here for flyer.


Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y.:  Teach-in, “Resisting War in a Post-9/11 Era: Activism and Mobilization,” held Sunday, November 5, 9 am – 10 pm at the Fillius Events barn, ending with a performance by folk singer Peggy Seeger.  Contact:  Anne Lacsamana, alacsama@hamilton.edu.  Click here for a report.


Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Ark.:  A teach-in on the Iraq War was held Thursday, November 2, sponsored by the Department of Social Sciences.  All faculty members were invited to speak, and 13 did so, representing a variety of disciplines and points of view.  Contact: Martin Halpern, halpern@hsu.edu.  Click here for a report.


Hofstra University , Hempstead , N.Y. :  Three events were held at Hofstra:  a forum with Carolyn Eisenberg, “The Iraq War: Where Are We Now?”;a forum/debate between editor James Klurfeld of Newsday and Jsoseph Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment about nuclear proliferation and policy toward Iran; and a showing of the film Ground Truth with discussion.  Contact:  Martin Melkonian, mmelkonian@broadviewnet.net


Long Beach City College , Long Beach , Calif. :  Two History Dept. members hosted a showing of the Robert Greenwald film Iraq for Sale, followed by panel discussion on war profiteering, October 10.  About 75 students attended.  Contact:  Julian DelGaudio, jdelgaudio@lbcc.edu


Marist College , Poughkeepsie , N.Y.   Former US Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, co-author of the new book The Impeachment of George W. Bush: A Practical Guide for Concerned Citizens, spoke Friday, Oct. 20 to a gathering of about 60–100 people.  Contact:  Karl Volk, kjvolk@juno.com


Montana Tech, Butte :  Montana Tech’s Peace Seekers Club sponsored Iraq War film showings on three Tuesday evenings.  Why We Fight and Iraq for Sale were both shown October 17 and 24 (5:30 – 8:00), and The Ground Truth October 31, with an average turnout of about 45 per evening.  Discussion followed each film.  Contact:  George Waring, gwaring@mtech.edu.  Click here for a report.


Mount Holyoke College , South Hadley , Mass. :  A crowd of 150 people, mostly Mt. Holyoke undergraduates, attended a teach-in Tuesday, Oct. 17with a panel featuring short talks by four Mr. Holyoke faculty members, followed by an hour of discussion and Q&A.  Contact:  Jonathan Lipman, jlipman@mtholyoke.edu.  Click here for flyer.  Click here for a report.


New York University :  Teach-in held Thursday, Oct. 19, 4:00–6:30 pm, “Life During War: A Forum,” featuring nine speakers from NYU and other schools.  At Judson Memorial Church , 55 Washington Sq. South.  (Talk by Staughton Lynd followed at 7:00 in same location – see listing under War Resisters League.)  Contact:  Allen Hunter, allen.hunter@nyu.edu.  Click here for flyer, or here for program with schedule of speakers.


NorthWest Arkansas Community College , Bentonville , Ark. :  A three-day series of programs was held Oct. 17-19 entitled “The War on Terrorism: Separating Fact from Fiction.”  The series included a film on each of three issues related to the war:  Civil Liberties (Oct. 17), Human Rights (Oct. 18), and War Profiteering (Oct. 19).  Contact:  Edrene McKay, EdreneMcKay@cox.net.  Click here for a report.


Rowan University , Glassboro , N.J. :  About 15 people attended a History Forum event Wednesday, Oct. 18, focused on US torture policy, with a video on extraordinary rendition and a discussion of the human rights issues.  Contact:  David Applebaum, david_applebaum@yahoo.com


Salem State College, Salem , Mass. :  About 70 students, faculty, and community activists attended a “Teach In, Speak Out” sponsored by Students of Salem for Peace (SOS for Peace) Tuesday, October 17.  About 20 participants spoke during the event, sharing experiences and thoughts about 9/11, Iraq, and the current political situation.  The program also included food and African drumming.  Contact:  Hope Benne, History Dept., bennekh@msn.com.  Click here for flyer (PDF file).  Click here for a report.


Salt Lake City :  Fifty people attended a community forum, “Bring the Troops Home Now!: Why the U.S. Should Get Out of Iraq,” Thursday, October 19, sponsored by the Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice, www.wasatchpeaceandjustice.org.  It featured a discussion panel and a condensed version of the film Iraq for Sale.  Contact:  Dayne Goodwin, dayneg@aros.net. Click here for a report. 


San Francisco State University :  About 50 students attended one or more sessions of a teach-in held Wednesday, Oct. 25, with three panels, a Code Pink workshop, and an open forum in the last hour.  Contact:  Jules Tygiel, History Dept., tygiel@sfsu.edu.  Click here for flyer.  Click here for a report.


Santa Fe Community College , Gainesville, Fla.:  The Community Coalition Against War & Terrorism,” including activists from Santa Fe Community College and the University of Florida, presented a teach-in Wednesday, October 18 pm.  The panel entitled “Vital Issues of War and Peace” featured four speakers, including a Vietnam veteran and two Santa Fe Community College faculty members.  The event filled the 170-seat classroom.  Contact: Pierce Butler , pbutler@igc.org.  Click here for a report.


Sonoma State College, Rohnert Park, Calif.:  The film Noam Chomsky: Rebel without a Pause was shown Tuesday, October 17 (part of “Artists and Filmmakers Respond to War” class, but open to the public.  Contact:  Susan Moulton, moulton@sonoma.edu


Southwest Minnesota State University , Marshall , Minn. :  Teach-in being planned for Wednesday, Nov. 8, 8:30 am – 8:30 pm, Conference Center 213 & 214.  Contact:  Jeff Kolnick, Kolnick@southwestmsu.edu.  Click here for poster.   Click here for a report.


State University of New York at New Paltz:  About 100 students, faculty, and community activists attended a showing of the Iraq War film The Ground Truth on October 30, with comments and discussion led by Vietnam War veteran Jim Murphy.  A second event, which had to be postponed to November 30 due to an illness, will feature a panel discussion on “Lessons of the Iraq War,” 8 pm in the CSB Auditorium. Contact:  John VanderLippe, vanderlj@newpaltz.edu


Towson State University , Towson , Md. :  About 70 people attended a "Teach-in on the Iraq War:  Shall We Go or Shall We Stay," Wednesday, October 18th.  It featured a variety of speakers, including Towson faculty and a member of Gold Star Families.  Contact:  Roderick Ryon, rryon@towson.edu


University of Delaware , Newark , Del. :  Over 50 people attended a two-hour teach-in Wednesday, Oct. 18, with speakers David Faber ( Temple U. ) and Kenneth Campbell ( U. of Delaware ).  Contact:  Susan Strasser, strasser@UDel.Edu.  Click here for flyer.  Click here for a report.


University of Florida , Gainesville , Fla. :  See report of joint event under Santa Fe Community College.  Univesity of Florida contact:  George Price. gdprice@ufl.edu.  Click here for a report.


University of Louisville:  An all-day teach-in on the whole Mideast crisis was held Wednesday, Oct. 18.  Contact:  John Cumbler, History Dept., cumbler@louisville.edu   Click here for a report.


University of Maine , Orono:  About 140 people, including both students and community residents, attended a teach-in Tuesday, October 24.  The keynote speaker was Brian Clement, a U. of Maine student and Iraq War veteran.  Contact:  Beth McKillen, Elizabeth_McKillen@umit.maine.edu.  Click here for flyer.  Click here for a report.


University of Massachusetts Amherst :  Film showing, Occupation Dreamland, Tuesday, Oct. 24, 7:30 pm, School of Management 137.  Part of series “Politics and Protest: The 1960s and Now,” http://www.umass.edu/history/feinberg.html#events


University of Massachusetts Boston :  About 40 people attended a talk by Andrew Bacevich of Boston University, author of The New American Militarism, Wednesday, October 25.  Contact:  Lois Rudnick, lois.rudnick@umb.edu. 


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:  Teach-in scheduled for November 1, “War in Iraq: Human Consequences,” 7:30 pm, 209 Manning Hall, sponsored by the Campaign to End the Cycle of Violence and the Progressive Faculty Network.  Contact:  Sarah Shields, sshields@email.unc.edu.  Click here for flyer.


University of Pennsylvania (Penn), Philadelphia , Pa. :  Three-day teach-in already held Sept. 19-21, sponsored by Penn Faculty & Staff Against War on Iraq , web site for teach-in http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/fsawi/teachin/  Contact: Felicity Paxton, fpaxton@sas.upenn.edu


University of Pittsburgh at Titusville , Titusville , Pa. :  A teach-in took place over several days, featuring two Frontline programs (Iraq: The Lost Year and The Torture Question) and the new film Iraq for Sale .  Contact:  Mary Ann Caton, mab7@pitt.edu.  Click here for a report.


University of Southern Maine , Portland :  Teach-in Thursday, Oct. 19, “Let History Judge: War in Iraq and Across the Middle East ,” 2:30 – 10:00 pm in Glickman Library.  Contact: patfinn@usm.maine.edu.  Click here for flyer.


University of Texas at El Paso :  A two-day teach-in was held Wednesday–Thursday, October 18–19.  Attendance varied, with 250 attending the main talk, “The Roots and Uses of Chaos in Iraq,” by Prof. Mark LeVine.  Contact, Sandra McGee Deutsch, sdeutsch@utep.edu.  Click here for a report.


War Resisters League, New York City :  Staughton Lynd spoke on “Resistance to War in a Volunteer Army,” Thursday, Oct. 19 at Judson Memorial Church , 55 Washington Square South , Manhattan , as the 1st Annual Dave Dellinger Lecture on Nonviolence. http://www.warresisters.org/Lynd_flyer.pdf. 


Washington College, Chestertown, Md.:  About 80 people attended a talk by Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil, “Lost Culture of Iraq: The Looting of Iraqi Antiquities, Artworks, and Other Cultural Materials,” Wednesday, November 8.  Contact:  Ibtisam Ibrahim, iibrahim2@washcoll.edu.  Click here for illustrated poster.


Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct.:  Wesleyan Students for Ending the War in Iraq (SEWI) sponsored two film showings on Monday evenings:  Iraq for Sale October 30 and Sir! No Sir! (about GI resistance during the Vietnam War) November 6, drawing over 50 people each night.  Contact:  Kevin Young, kyoung@wesleyan.edyu.  Click here for a report.


Whitman College , Walla Walla , Wash. :  About 50 people attended a talk on Wednesday, October 18 by David Schmitz of the History Dept., “ Iraq and the Unlearned Lessons from the Vietnam War.”  Contact:  Elyse Semerdjian, semerdve@whitman.edu.  Click here for a report.


William Patterson University, Wayne, N.J.:  The History Department and the History Club have been sponsoring weekly Iraq War teach-ins.  Organizers expect the events to last into the spring, due to the number of topics the students want to explore.  Contact:  Dewar MacLeod, macleodg@wpunj.edu


Williams College , Williamstown , Mass. :  A well-attended (including many community activists and residents) teach-in was held Wednesday, Oct. 18, with four diverse speakers and a lively discussion.  Contact:  Shanti Singham, ssingham@williams.edu.  Click here for a report.