Iraq War Film Showings at Montana Tech, October 17 and 24

Montana Techís Peace Seekers Club hosted two Tuesday night screenings of Why We Fight and Iraq for Sale (5 PM to 8:30 each evening) on October 17th and 24th. One week before the election, the club screened The Ground Truth. The general public was invited to all three evenings. History professor George Waring hosted the discussion afterwards. The average turnout was about 45 per evening. Students who spoke up expressed concern about a draft, about whether Halliburton was being treated fairly, and why Congress seemed so apathetic in the face of documented corruption. After the Ground Truth showing a pretty subdued audience expressed frustration about the general publicís lack of concern for the war.

Organizers of the screenings were glad that we could expose a larger audience to the message of these films.There was a consensus that Why We Fight and The Ground Truth were important films to show here in Butte.

Today I can report that this Montana county voted 3 to 1 to retire Republican Senator Conrad Burns and elect a Democrat who has promised to use Congressís power to investigate to halt the no-bid contracts in Iraq and wind the war down.

George Waring
Liberal Studies Department
Montana Tech in Butte, Montana