Mideast Talk at Georgia State University, November 1


When the call for teach-ins went out from Historians Against the War, plans were already underway at Georgia State University for an educational event on the impact and implications of the Iraq War.  The campus antiwar group, Students for Peace and Justice, co-sponsored a talk by Georgia State political scientist Dr. Rashid Naim on "The Impact of US Foreign Policy on Power Dynamics in the Middle East: A Discussion."  Other co-sponsors included the Middle East Institute and the Department of Political Science of Georgia State University.  The event was held Wednesday evening, 1 November 2006, in a packed room in the General Classroom Building.


Dr. Naim's informative and wide ranging talk offered a historically-minded and critically engaged perspective on events since the 2003 US invasion and occupation of Iraq.  The discussion that followed was lively; many students asked thoughtful questions and Dr. Naim's responses further enriched his presentation. 


Afterwards, and separate from the organization of the event, many free copies of the Fall 2006 issue of War Times/Tiempos de Guerra and Historians Against the War's Join Us pamphlet were distributed to interested members of the audience.


Ian Fletcher, icfletcher@mindspring.com

History Department