War in Iraq:

Human Consequences


The Iraq War: Education and Academic Freedom


Professor Abdul Sattar Jawad, Professor of English and Journalism in Iraq, editor of an Arabic and English-language newspaper, translator of American literature and author of fourteen books, left Iraq after his offices were bombed and his safety threatened.  Now at Duke teaching modern Arabic and continuing his research on T.S. Elliot, Dr. Jawad will talk about the consequences of both dictatorship and war for Iraq’s university students and teachers


The Iraq War: Public Health


Professor Steve Wing, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at UNC’s
School of Public Health, has focused his research on the health consequences of the conditions under which people live and work.  He will discuss the health effects of the Iraq War, and the recent Lancet study.




November 1, 2006

7:30 p.m.

209 Manning Hall

University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill


Sponsored by the Campaign to End the Cycle of Violence, and the Progressive Faculty Network