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Van delivering the HAW statement at a press conference on the steps of St. Aloysius ChurchHAW Action at U.S. Capitol, March 19 (Call to action, March 16, 2003)

Here's what happened yesterday at the Capitol
Four of us met at St. Aloysius' church, as part of a larger gathering, mainly of Code Pink people. Besides me, there was Kathy Sukites (American U.), Jess Ballenger (Johns Hopkins) and Jude Richter (Indiana). We assembled a banner from individual poster sheets with letters, taped together. I read a statement during the press conference, based on something HAW member James Livingston of Rutgers wrote on Sunday night. We marched out with our banner, went down to the Capitol, and bannered there for quite a while, though we got pushed off the grounds very politely by Capitol police.

Our presence was appreciated by the larger group, who went inside several House office buildings and caused a ruckus (dressed up with fake blood and bandages). They invaded DeLay's office and chanted shame, ordered "French fries" very aggressively in the cafeteria etc. Again, I note how kid-gloves were the police.

So, we flew our flag, so to speak. Thanks to all. Sorry for any confusion over the timing.
Van Gosse

HAW Sign Van Gosse
Department of History
Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster PA 17604-3003
717.291.4246 o
717.358.4518 f