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HAW Steering Committee statement on Gaza

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HAW Steering Committee statement on Gaza
July 2014

The Steering Committee of Historians Against the War deplores the ongoing attacks against civilians in Gaza and in Israel. We also recognize the disproportionate harm being inflicted on the population of Gaza by the Israeli military, which the United States has armed and supported for decades.

We are especially disturbed that so many Palestinian children are being killed or wounded in the attack. And we regard as unacceptable the failure of American elected officials to hold Israel accountable for such acts.

As we watch the death toll mount and observe the terror of the trapped inhabitants in Gaza, we call upon our fellow historians to speak out now for a cease-fire, for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, and for the suspension of all US military aid to Israel until the aid is no longer used for the commission of war crimes.

Please write letters to your local or national newspapers or magazines and contact your elected officials to express your opposition to U.S. funding of the Israeli military and its attack on people in Gaza.