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January 2003, HAW forms at the AHA conference. HAW issued its first statement against the war, which was covered extensively on History News Network and in other media (for example The Philadelphia Inquirer). 2200 people became members of HAW by signing this statement.

April 2003, HAW sponsored a resolution supporting free speech which the OAH adopted.

April 9-10, 2003, HAW-sponsored teach-ins about the war in Iraq titled “Anatomy of a Crisis,” at close to 40 campuses.

May 2003, HAW steering committee formed.

October 2003, HAW issued a statement opposing the U.S. occupation of Iraq, pre-emptive war and empire, and attacks on civil liberties at home. Close to 1500 people signed this statement as of October 2004.


Marv Gettleman and Stuart Schaar, Brief Bibliography of English Language Sources on the Middle East and Muslim South Asia


January 2004, HAW has a literature table and meetings at the AHA. The AHA also passes the HAW-sponsored resolution supporting the right of free speech.

March 2004, OAH set up a committee to investigate threats to freedom of expression and names David Montgomery, a HAW Steering Committee member, to chair it.

March 2004, HAW had a panel on resistance to war at the OAH.

August 28, 2004, HAW sponsored a Town Hall Meeting of Historians at CUNY Grad Center that discussed “how far to the right the Bush Administration has moved.” Ellen Schrecker, Renate Bridenthal, Thomas Bender, and Andres Bacevich spoke and Van Gosse moderated the panel. The event was part of the anti-Republican Convention activities and held in conjunction with the activities organized by United for Peace and Justice (UPFJ).

August 29, 2004, a HAW contingent marched in the protest at the Republican National Convention.

HAW entered a Court Brief for Camilo Mejia, the active-duty serviceman who refused to return to Iraq because he found the war immoral.

September 2004, HAW publishes its first newsletter.

October 2004, HAW sponsored teach-ins on the war in 5 campuses

HAW has also published several pamphlets and more are on their way.


Let History Judge

We Won’t Go: Narratives of Resistance to WW II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the U.S.-Iraqi War

Torture, American Style.