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HAW Action at U.S. Capitol, March 19

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Dear members of Historians Against the War,

Starting tomorrow, March 17, United for Peace and Justice, the coalition that organized the massive February 15 march in New York, is beginning a rolling wave of civil disobedience actions at the U.S. Capitol, demanding that Congress act to reclaim our democracy and rescind the war resolutions (see www.unitedforpeace.org).

UFPJ is calling for organized groups (religious, student, labor etc.) to commit to coming to the Capitol over this week, to witness and, for those willing, to risk arrest (all you have to do is walk up the west steps and they arrest you).

I would like to organize a HAW contingent for this Wednesday, March 19. Like many of you, I am on break this week, and I will be in DC. If you are able to come to the Capitol mid-day on Wednesday, simply to rally and help issue a statement, please contact me immediately. If you are willing to join me in risking arrest, include that information. I will seek to procure the HAW banner, and will work with the UFPJ staff on-site to contact the press.

I realize this is extremely short notice, but we are in the final "endgame," and it's time for historians to be heard. Forget "left" and "right"-this is the sheerest folly!

Van Gosse
(703) 683-6715

PS. Obviously, to the extent that some senior members of the profession, from the most prominent universities, feel able to join this action (not necessarily risking arrest), that will help greatly in getting press attention.

Report on March 19 action in DC