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The Department of History
Temple University
in collaboration with
The American Historical Association’s

Nationwide Teach-In


3:00 – Introduction: History Professors Arthur Schmidt, Howard Spodek, Ralph Young

3:10 - History Professor Richard Immerman: “The United and Disunited Nations”

4:00 - History Professor Peter Gran: “The Historical Evolution of Modern Iraq”

5:00 - History Professors Arthur Schmidt and Howard Spodek: “Colonialism Discredited”

6:00 - History Professor James Hilty: “Presidential Leadership in Wartime: Can the Commander-in-Chief also Lead?”

7:00 - French Professor Wilbert Roget: “The French Connection: Or What's Love Got to do With It?”

8:00 - Political Science Professor Daniel Chomsky: “Embedded or in Bed: The United States, the Mass Media and the Iraqi War”

9:00 – History Professors Ralph Young and Vladislav Zubok and students from the weekly Dissent in America Teach-In will lead a brief wrapping-up discussion session.

Flyer for the teach-in (in Microsoft Word format--1.1 MB).


The Teach-In went really well. Four of the presenters were historians, one was a political scientist, one was a French professor. I would guess
approximately 100 different people attended the seven-hour event although not all were there at the same time. (At any given time there was usually between 35 and 60 attendees.) As you would expect many people came in for an hour or two, then left. And others drifted in and out. Perhaps about 20 of us were there for the entirety. CN8 sent in a camera team and videotaped about half an hour. Another media organization (unidentified) popped in for ten minutes or so, did some videotaping, and then left.


Ralph F. Young, Ph.D.
Department of History
Temple University
950 Gladfelter Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19122