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University of Connecticut at Storrs

I would like to be a part of the teach-in project on my campus, the University of Connecticut at Storrs. Although by April 9-10, the US will be at war in Iraq, I believe strongly that all of us will have to keep up the struggle to try to prevent our country from becoming a rogue state engaged in empire-building in the 21st century. I suspect that the assigned subject of the teach-in, "Iraq: anatomy of a crisis," can become be both part of an effort to focus on the human cost of war to the Iraqui people, as well as the human cost to the US people of the civil liberties that we will all lose as the US
government pursues the course it has chosen.

I can be reached at the e-mail address below. I teach a course on the history of human rights in my department (history), and another colleague in my department, Paul Goodwin, has participated in discussions about the drive for war that have been sponsored on campus.

Karen Spalding
Professor of History