Call for the Teach-Ins, with list of endorsing organizations:

War in Iraq and Across the Middle East!
American Civil Liberties Under Siege!
An Urgent Call for Nationwide Teach-Ins,
October 17-November 7, 2006

As the violence in Iraq and across the Middle East intensifies, with the accompanying attack on civil liberties here at home, the need for an informed public debate is vitally important.  As historians, concerned scholars, students, and activists, we are acutely aware that the transformations now occurring have far-reaching implications for our current lives and for future generations.

With mid-term elections scheduled for November, we have the opportunity to focus campus attention on the vital issues of war and peace.  Why is the United States still occupying Iraq?  How and when can we withdraw?  How does the Iraqi occupation relate to the current crisis in Israel, Palestine and Lebanon?  And what are the prospects for a new war in Iran or Syria?  How is the Bush Administration expanding the powers of the Executive Branch?  And what are the domestic effects of its commitment to a prolonged “war on terrorism?”

Historians Against the War is urging our colleagues – professors and students - across the country to organize or participate in National Teach-In Days, October 17-19.

If you can help arrange an event at your school on any one of these three days, please email us at so that we can begin compiling a listing and assisting with resources.  If your organization can endorse this call, please contact us.  We will post this call and additional information on our Teach-In page on our HAW website:

While the exact format and themes will reflect the particular needs of your institution, Historians Against the War will be lining up speakers, preparing a web-page with helpful ideas, and establishing connections with national organizations (such as Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Parents, Iraq Veterans Against the War!).

The tragedies now unfolding in Iraq and across the Middle East underscore our responsibility as educators and citizens to enhance public knowledge, to stimulate thoughtful inquiry, and to end the American occupation of Iraq.  We hope that you can join this urgent effort!


Organizations Endorsing the October 17-November 7 Iraq War Teach-Ins

(as of October 11)


Code Pink (

Global Exchange (

Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) (

National Youth and Student Peace Coalition/Randy Wilson (

Peace Action/Peace Action Education Fund (

Radical Teacher (

Rouge Forum (

Student Peace Action Network (

United for Peace and Justice (

U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (Josh Ruebner) (

Veterans for Peace (

Wheels of Justice (


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